Borrowed From The Boys

borrowed borrowed1 borrowed2 borrowed4Bermuda…just what I need to cover up all this food that I consumed.

(Gap shirt, Urban outfitters shorts, Maison Boinet belt, Preen X Aldo rise shoes, Michael Kors clutch, AJ Morgan sunglasses)




Pleated Midi

pleated pleated1 pleated3I’ve been wanting a pleated midi skirt for years now but couldn’t find one that looked nice and didn’t cost hundreds of dollars. I saw this on ASOS and just bought it on a whim since it was on sale. Slowly regretting the purchase…I think I definitely got suckered into the sale price AND the want for a pleated just won me over. Ah wells, I’m stuck with it so must make the best of the situation now.

Lesson of the day: Don’t let sales fool you into buying and keeping just because it’s cheap! Just a heads up since 4th of July is around the corner and we all know that means massive sales are coming up.

(Earnest Sewn shirt, ASOS skirt, Zara sandals, Maison Boinet belt, Jcrew necklace)

Am I Cool?

living6 living5 living3

After purchasing this striped shirt recently, I came to the conclusion that one can never have too many stripes. There are just too many variations and all of them so cute. Black and white stripes. Navy and white stripes. Long sleeve. Short sleeves. Blazers. Undies. TOO MANY CHOICES. And then I came to another conclusion. I am sorely lacking in essential basics. And with this I have to say to my sister, I am sorry. I thought you were a lunatic when you bought the 100th black tank top that seemed to look exactly the same as the others. Or when you bought that white shirt when you had so many other white shirts. And the black shirt, the gray shirts, the tanks, etc. Now I realize that they weren’t exactly the same and had seasonal little tweaks to them that set them so apart from the previous perfect tees and tanks that are now not perfect enough.

How did I end up rambling about stripes and then spitting nonsense about basics? Oh yeah, fashion, you are pure evil and I blame you for whittling finances. 🙂

(Madewell top, Zara shorts, Jeffrey Campbell for Nastygal boots, AJ Morgan sunglasses, Jaine K. Designs rings)

living7 living8 living


wetsuit4 wetsuitI took a morning surf lesson with a few friends many years ago, and man, it was exhausting. I was barely able to swim back to shore so the instructor had to pull me along with my board to shore. I proceeded to go home and take a nap for a few hours but my energetic friends made it out to some crawfish bbq. I swear I’m surrounded by energizer bunnies.

Random story but I always think about those few excruciating and fun hours whenever I put this dress on because it reminds me of the wetsuit I was wearing..with the exception of being a dress instead of a pants onesie.

(H&M dress, J. Shirts flannel, Senso boots, ASOS cap)

Saturday Inspiration: Stella McCartney x Adidas

adidas-31 adidas-33 adidas-30 adidas-23 adidas-20 adidas-18 adidas-10 adidas-8 adidas-21 adidas-5 adidas

I like where this is going… Be awesome and look awesome at the gym.

What I love about this collection is that it incorporates many of the spring trends into a playful and sporty collection. I see the matchy matchy suits, fun florals, metallics, all whites, and some capes for the cooler days ahead.

Can I have one of everything please and I promise I will go to the gym every single day. 😀

(images from Refinery29)