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I always feel so awkward wearing hats but I can’t deny that they are the ultimate weapon in covering up a horrid bedhead.  I woke up on this particular morning and the back of my head was a rat’s nest (don’t ever go to sleep with wet hair).  Perfect time to whip out my new hat that I bought a couple of months back.  I was so inspired by Gucci’s Pre-Fall collection and had to own a leather newsboy cap.  This version may not be the leather cap I seek but for someone who doesn’t wear hats often, good enough.

Word of advice, don’t wear hats anywhere near your guy friends + alcohol!  When they’ve drunk enough, that hat will be the hot item of the table.  They will be giggling and trying to stick their big heads into your cute little hat.  Boys. -_-

(Urban Outfitters hat, Free People dress, Opening Ceremony boots)


the simple things

larchmont larchmont1 larchmont2 larchmont4Re-obsessing over the little details that makes a difference.

I’ve had these black jeans for years and it seemed like our time together was nearing an end but I had this idea to fray the ends of the jeans, ok more like I saw it on JBrands’ new jeans and totally fell in love, so I got my talented sister to do a little DIY for me.  I think it turned out so well and really breathed new life back in to my jeans!

(Jil Sander shirt, Urban Outfitters jeans, Clare Vivier bag, Zara shoes, Sunday Somewhere sunglasses, Jaine K. Designs rings)


Top It Off

Safeway safeway1 safeway2Quick wine run at the Lucky market.  I live a few blocks away from this market so it’s my top choice when I need to stash up on wine.  So many choices!

It was a chilly night so I stole Ed’s coat again and layered up inside with a classic white shirt and a striped vest.  What I love about this vest is that the material is very thick so it really helps to retain heat when paired with a jacket or coat.  It’s a tad bit too thick to wear during the summer but I do still like to wear it in the evenings when it’s not as sunny.

I topped everything off with my Best Friends beanie!  I thought it went quite perfectly with my blue shoes.  🙂

(Target + Neiman Marcus collaboration Band of Outsiders Best Friends beanie, Topman coat, Gap shirt, Barney’s Co-Op vest, Urban Outfitters skirt, Marc by Marc Jacobs pumps, Botkier bag)