tokyo photo diary

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So late in posting these photos up but this is my one week in Tokyo spent walking around and trying to inhale my surroundings in.  Most times I was so busy taking everything in that I may have forgotten to take some pictures here and there.  I went for a friend’s wedding and it was such a different experience from any other wedding that I’ve been too.  First of which I couldn’t understand anything during the whole ceremony and especially during the speeches during the reception!  Other than that special occasion, I tried to eat as much sushi and wagyu beef that I could stuff in myself.  The beef was insanely unforgettable and just the thought of it makes me drool.  Tokyo… I’m coming back for you.


a day in tokyo

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It’s been a few weeks since I got back from Tokyo and Seoul, and I’m just now sorting through all my pictures.  I’ve gotten just as lazy as my dear Howl.  In my defense, I have been snuggling with her the past few weeks to make up for the lack of time spent with her while abroad. *big smile*

Needless to say, I had an amazing time in Tokyo and these are just a glimpse of a day I spent there walking around in Ginza, Tsukiji, and Akasaka-mitsuke.  I spent the whole day walking around in Birkenstocks and omg yes they are so darn comfortable.  The rumors are true and everyone should go grab a pair if they are going to travel and spend days walking, walking, walking.

Random thing I noticed while I was in Tokyo:  there are so many cute stray cats around!  Maybe this is how they came up with the cat cafe idea.

(Anine Bing leather jacket, MinkPink top, Zara shorts, Birkenstocks sandals, Sunday Somewhere sunglasses)




All snow at the balcony!


Me and Howl.


Ok, I really should stop posting pictures of me and Howl.




Resting and throwing up peace signs.


Awesome pulled pork sandwiches with even more awesome coleslaw. Courtesy of birthday boy!

I had such a blast in Tahoe!  I went for a friend’s birthday and had a great time with friends I haven’t been able to hang out with for a while.  I had not snowboarded for two years and surprisingly I managed to make it down the slopes. FOUR times! 🙂

I initially packed a bunch of clothes to prepare for all the outings I imagined would happen.  Casino, dinners, lounges, and exploring the village.  We were all so tired that we managed to make it out of the cabin only to snowboard and explore the village due to desperate hunger.  Thus, the one outfit.

If you guys all read my saturday inspiration post last week, you must know that I wanted to do all winter white outfits.  I ended up sticking to trusty old back.  However, I didn’t want to make it too boring, and out necessity, I topped it with a hat and added some grunge to it by tying Ed’s flannel shirt around the waist.  I just love those looks lately!  Now if only I can manage to pick out some awesome caps to add to my small, but growing, collection of hats.  Preferably in leather.  😀


Howl loves snow!

(hat from Cusp, Splendid turtleneck, Archive leather leggings, Tory Burch boots, Ben Sherman flannel, Juicy Couture puffer coat)

Maui Photo Diary


Heading over to the pool to catch up on all my magazines.




At Hula Grill to watch the sunset.

(Jcrew gingham shirt, Brandy Melville shorts, Jaine K. sandals)


Waiting waiting waiting for the sun to set.


Sand all over! Sat at the Barefoot Bar for this!


Lovely sunset.


Sheraton Resort along Kaanapali beach.

maui11 (2)

Do we look alike??


Waiting for my first lu’au to begin.

(One teaspoon dress, Sam Edelman sandals)


Kahlua pig cooking underneath!


I think I was the only person in the resort wearing a sweater…

(Wildfox sweater, Brandy Melville shorts, Nastygal flats, Ray-Ban wayfarers)

maui13maui23maui22maui24I had an amazing time in Maui and cannot wait to go back someday!  I think it was as relaxing as a vacation can get amid all the sight seeing.  It was great being able to come out of the hotel room and having the beach be just a few steps away!  So convenient for snorkeling and just relaxing along the beach.  I was so scared of snorkeling in the first few attempts but managed to stay underwater for quite some time and swam out a bit further each time.  It’s so hard getting back to the shore though!  Takes so much effort to swim back and I’m barely moving since the currents are against me.  Thankfully the fishes are right near the shore so I don’t need to swim out much.  Yay!

A note to myself for future overpacking!!  I ended not wearing half the clothes I packed! 🙂


Waikiki Photo Diary


I went to Doraku japanese restaurant for dinner and was pleased to find some japanese beers that I’ve never tried before.


First plate of sushi!! It was great to eat some asian cuisine after eating overpriced burgers and stuff at the Maui resort. 😛


View of the boutiques along Waikiki Beach.


Stopped for a quick photo.


Snapped another one 😛

(Free People top, Zara shorts, Sam Edelman sandals, Ray Ban aviators, Jaine K. jewelry)


Musubis at Iyasume were the best!! Went there every day during my stay in Waikiki!


Rice is still warm since its made fresh! Really wish I can have some right now.


King’s Village! It was a lot of touristy japanese shops. I keep calling this place King’s Landing..watched too much Game of Thrones..


Trolleys might seem touristy but its such a cool alternative to taking the bus! I love how I can sightsee while sitting down and feel some relatively cool breezes blowing through.


DFS Galleria! I went crazy trying out all the makeup products on the 2nd floor. Pretty cool to not have to pay tax for makeup. :)) They had a huge Marc by Marc Jacobs section too.


They’re just so cute! I think someone positions them differently every day. Second time I went there, the dogs were high fiving each other.

Photo Jan 14, 10 32 09 PM

I came close to tears when I saw a Korean BBQ place in Hawaii. I miss K-Town in LA so so much!

Photo Jan 15, 2 05 09 PM

Last shot at the beach before heading to the airport!

(Brandy Melville top and skirt)

It was so surprising to realize that Waikiki Beach is a major Japanese tourist area.  They have Japanese restaurants everywhere and whenever I walk into a store I get greeted in Japanese.  Too bad I have no idea what they’re saying half the time!  I must say was extremely satisfying to be near so much asian cuisine after days of eating overpriced burgers and chips in Maui.

I spent my days in Waikiki trying out all the local Hawaiian food and doing some light shopping.  Ate a lot of loco mocos and musubis!  And of course tried out their shaved ice.

All in all, it was a fun trip but next time I will definitely plan ahead and stay in  the northshore area instead of Waikiki Beach.  🙂  I will post up my Maui photos as soon as I get all of them together!


Rainbow Drive-In


Photo Jan 08, 12 48 34 PM Photo Jan 08, 1 01 34 PMJust arrived in Kaanapali Beach yesterday and the weather is wonderful!  The resort I’m staying is right along the beach and next to the Black Rock so the view is pretty darn awesome.  Unfortunately I caught a cold right before heading over to Hawaii so I didn’t get to explore the area too much yet.  And I’m definitely the only one walking around wearing a sweater in this awesome weather.  😛

I’ll be sure to post up some more pictures once I get moving around and happy humpday to everyone!

NYE in Vegas Photo Diary


First night in vegas! Taking a quick hotel picture before heading out.

(Backstage dress, Shoemint shoes, Michael Kors clutch)


Dinner at Mon Ami in Paris Hotel. Must sit out in the patio for awesome view of the Bellagio fountains!


Bellagio foutain show


A very awesome room at the Haze nightclub in Aria Hotel. Loved the dancers’ outfits!!


Snuck in and took a quick picture! =]


It started snowing!


View of dance floor from upstairs.


My feet are killing me!
P.S. If you ever have to dance with heels all night, make sure to pack some Moleskin by Dr. Scholls. Best stuff ever for heel chafing. Really made my nights in vegas much more bearable. Now if only I can figure out how to make the balls of the feet more comfortable…


Gambled and lost. T,T
Next time Vegas…next time…


Quick picture at the Caesar’s Palace shopping entrance.

(Hat from Mission Thrift, Zara slip, Elevenses coat, Barney’s Co-Op boots)


Cirque Du Soleil Beatles Love! Amazing performances and awesome 60’s costumes!


It was super crowded. Hard to take pictures by the sign. 😦


Second night of clubbing at XS! Posing by the Encore hotel. Isn’t it grand?

vegas13 (2)

XS is the prettiest club ever. Love the beds and pool outside!

(MinkPink coat, Stuart Weitzman boots)


End of the night. I fell asleep at the diner but my friend kindly stuck a menu between my fingers. I have great friends.

Photo Dec 31, 10 28 46 PM

NYE at Tao! I loved these petal filled basins at the entrance.


The only picture I got to take of my whole outfit. It was super crowded inside and spent half the night trying to get all the friends together for the countdown!

(Aidan Mattox dress)


Countdown at midnight! Fireworks and balloons in the sky~ Happy New Years!

I took forever getting all the pictures together for this post!  I hope everyone had a happy New Years and best wishes for 2013 and thank you for taking the time to come by my blog!