Indian Summer

indiansummer indiansummer1 indiansummer2 indiansummer3Beat the heat with little shrubs and double buns!

(Brandy Melville tank, Topshop shorts, Senso boots)


Geeky Plaid

geekplaid4 geekplaid geekplaid1 geekplaid2 geekplaid3Short sleeved button ups always reminds me of the tv show Chuck, a guilty pleasure of mine. The main character is always in his working uniform which consists of the short sleeve button down and some chucks. So geeky cute. I went without the chucks for my outfit but will have to contemplate doing it with chucks in the future.

These short sleeves are such a life saver during the summer. No need to fumble with rolling up sleeves perfectly, Jcrew style. Although when I do see a person donning an elegant silk shirt with perfectly rolled up sleeves, I immediately feel a bit clumsy with my shorter sleeves. But problem easily solved by rolling up my short sleeve to look a bit more undone. Win win! 🙂

P.S. I actually had these sleeves rolled up to show the cute hints of chambray used for the hemming but they slumped back down in the process of taking off my jacket. Fail! Which seriously makes me do these rolled up short sleeves stay so perfectly rolled up? I’m starting to suspect some double tape action going on!

(Gap shirt, Topshop shorts, Jcrew necklace, House of Harlow boots, Botkier bag)

Striped Uniform

stripeduniform stripeduniform1 stripeduniform2I confess, I have a horrible habit of wearing the same things repeatedly until the lucky people who gets to see me daily has to do an intervention.  Its pretty bad.  And I’m pretty sure that many people will be sick of seeing me in stripes by the time the year is over.  Let’s see how many times I can wear stripes before my good friends just tells me to stop. 🙂

On a side note – happy Monday everyone!

(Madewell shirt, Rag&Bone jeans, Prada sneakers)

Sunshine Makes Me High

sunshine sunshine2 sunshine1I bought this shirt a few years back because the cool sun was just too cute to resist and the shirt was made into this perfect ragged cloth.  I love just throwing it over anything for a quick errand and when it’s just too hot to tolerate anything but thin rags.  The latter was clearly not the case in SF yesterday but at least the sun was out and shining to support my shirt’s cause.  Just barely.

(Rebell Yell shirt, H&M skirt)