peaches ‘n cream

I’m really into stripes again lately and just want to fill my closet with all different types of striped shirts.  Silk, cotton, blue, black, etc.  There’s so many gorgeous plays on stripes and my eyes keep straying to them!  I recently purchased this silk top from Maison Scotch and I really love the subtle peaches ‘n cream color that makes it so easy to wear with anything.  Of course I chose my preferred black but the options are endless.  I haven’t entered the white bottoms territory yet because I still have a trauma from the golden high school years but I can totally see these going great with some white trousers or jeans.

Have I mentioned how happy I am that the heat wave is over and I can finally wear boots again?  I was limited to ankle boots over the blazing hot summer but now I can enter the knee high and the thigh high lengths again.  The boots I’m wearing right now were designed by my beloved sister and I love the flour de lis detail on it!

(Maison Scotch shirt, H&M shorts, Jaine K. Designs boots, Karen Walker sunglasses)



I think I finally found the perfect long sleeve stripe shirt.  The search is over.  This one is perfectly thin and slouchy so I don’t feel constricted but also makes me feel waif-like.  What more can I ask for?

(T by Alexander Wang top, Zara jeans , H&M belt, Marc Jacobs shoes, Karen Walker sunglasses)

abandoned lot

abandoned abandoned1 abandoned2 abandoned4 abandoned5My favorite items for the fall/winter, so far, are chunky knits and over the knee boots. Separate or together, I will be abusing them all winter long. How many different way can they be styled without one getting sick of them? Hmm… challenge accepted (I’ve been doing a How I Met Your Mother marathon and Barney is influencing my word choices)!

(H&M top, Stuart Weitzman boots)

Sunshine Makes Me High

sunshine sunshine2 sunshine1I bought this shirt a few years back because the cool sun was just too cute to resist and the shirt was made into this perfect ragged cloth.  I love just throwing it over anything for a quick errand and when it’s just too hot to tolerate anything but thin rags.  The latter was clearly not the case in SF yesterday but at least the sun was out and shining to support my shirt’s cause.  Just barely.

(Rebell Yell shirt, H&M skirt)


wetsuit4 wetsuitI took a morning surf lesson with a few friends many years ago, and man, it was exhausting. I was barely able to swim back to shore so the instructor had to pull me along with my board to shore. I proceeded to go home and take a nap for a few hours but my energetic friends made it out to some crawfish bbq. I swear I’m surrounded by energizer bunnies.

Random story but I always think about those few excruciating and fun hours whenever I put this dress on because it reminds me of the wetsuit I was wearing..with the exception of being a dress instead of a pants onesie.

(H&M dress, J. Shirts flannel, Senso boots, ASOS cap)


medley medley1 medley3 medley4

Trying to shake things up and step a little toe out my comfort zone.  Pairing up prints!  I never imagined that flowers and leopard prints can go together without wildly clashing but this non-invasive denim version of leopard makes it so easy!

I’ve been having so much fun with this white vest.  It pairs so easily with everything and gives it a little edge with its moto-style.  But don’t be fooled by its cool white color!  I thought I was dying under the sun with this vest on. Who knew a little scrap of faux-leather can trap so much body heat.  At least it makes for cool style.  🙂

P.S. Please vote for me on the Vanity Fair Best Dressed Challenge!  @newbornfanatic

(Brandy Melville top, Johnny Was cami, H&M vest, One Teaspoon shorts, Dolce Vita boots, Jaine K. Designs ring)


Great way to use an extra piece of clothing.