Silk and Water

The past couple of days have been decidedly gloomy and wet with rain.  Really missing the sunny weather that I enjoyed just this past weekend.  I was able to go out and play with Howl by the lake with just a thin silk shirt on.  Do you remember my train station post?  This is a shirt that I picked up at the mall that day.  I’ve been in love with plaid lately, and even more in love with silk plaid shirts.  This shirt totally reminds me of Dries Van Noten Spring 2013 runway and I just had to grab it.  Luckily I found it on sale and there was an even deeper discount that day at Madewell!  Score! 😀

(Madewell shirt, DKNY shoes, Maison Boinet belt)


Garance Dore

One of my favorite blogger, Garance Dore, just opened an online store selling her illustrations.  Aren’t they lovely?  I like the simple, clean lines and the touches of color she uses.  These are the six she has on her online store right now and I’m debating if I should get them all!  Still hesitating since I feel that I should wait for more to come out.  Her website is just full of her awesome drawings and these are just six out of the many.  She also mentioned that she’s able to do custom work.  Maybe I can ask if she can draw something for me!  That would be pretty darn awesome. =]

Which ones do you like?  The first two are my favorites so far!

(all images from Garance Dore)

Train Station

I recently had to take the train into the city and it was an exhilarating experience since I have never taken a train on my own before.  My plans were to head into downtown SF for some shopping at the Union Square before meeting a friend for dinner.  Taking the Cal Train to the city was easy.  Just got off at the last stop and that was it.  Getting to downtown?  Now that was tricky.  After asking various people, I walked across the street from the train station to ride the Muni (first time ever!) into downtown.  The bus driver kindly tells me exactly which stop I have to get off at to do some shopping.  And mentions the fare is $2.  Ok, I can deal with that.  I see some people swiping their cards so I go over to swipe my card too….its not a credit card machine!  *gasp*  CASH ONLY??  After standing there dumbfounded and now knowing what to do, I check my purse for some coins.  Only $1.  I stare at all the people in the bus pleading for help with my eyes.  Help me!  I finally ask the whole bus if they have a dollar they can spare.  After what feels like an eternity of people just looking at each other, some kind lady gives me a dollar.  I promise to pay her back when we get off the bus.  Thank you kind lady!  I hand the bus driver my two dollars, he gives me a slip, and off we go.

Did I mention how awesome the Muni is?  When I got off the bus I proceeded to ask people how to get to the mall.  They all point towards a direction and I slowly start walking over to it.  I peer inside and, VOILA, I’m inside the mall!  Too awesome.

(Trench coat from Anthropologie, Wildfox Couture sweater, Gap shirt, Uniqlo leggings, Stuart Weitzman boots, Marc Jacobs bag, Jaine K. Jewelry)

Neiman Marcus + Target

The exciting collaboration between Neiman Marcus and Target is almost here!!!  I’ve been eyeing the products and have a few that I desperately want to score.  Cannot wait for Saturday, Dec 1st to run to Target (or Neiman Marucs) and hopefully land my hands on something, anything!

These are the top 8 items that are on my wish list.  What are your favorite ones?

1. Alice and Oliva carry-on suitcase $179.99 – I really need to upgrade my carry-on from a standard black.  Love the yellow detailing!

2.  Diane Von Furstenburg yoga mat $49.99 – This would be an awesome addition to my current yoga mat!  Do yoga in style ^.~

3.   Brian Atwood sunglasses $39.99 – Having a slight obsession with rounded frames.  

4.  Rag & Bone shot glasses $19.99 – Why not, right?  Still haven’t managed to buy shot glasses for my new place and these would be perfect!

5.  Rag & Bone flask $29.99 – Shot glasses wouldn’t be complete without the matching flask.  Also very convenient when I’m feeling cheap at a bar 😀

6.  Altuzarra Double Old Fashioned Glasses & Shaker $49.99 (separately) – Time for a classy drink =]

7.  Band of Outsiders beanies $29.99 (set of two!) – So cute!  I want the orange one…must find a friend who will wear the blue 😀

8.  Oscar de la Renta dog collar and leash $39.99 – How awesome is the lace details??  My Howl will look like a princess with this!

( all images and information from )

Good luck to everyone on saturday and good luck to me!  Happy shopping!

Update!  Items are available online too (YAY!) starting 8:00 AM ET!

Bane in the Fields

 It was my friend’s birthday over the weekend and she requested a SF sports team theme.  Thankfully I had this Niners shirt which I also wore in a previous post, here.   Paired it with this shearling coat I recently got and my favorite moto boots at the moment.

My friends say the shearling coat looks like something Bane from Batman would wear, hence the title!  Now all I need is a gas mask… and 70 pounds of  muscle.. 😛

(Johnny Was coat, Target brand shirt, Zara shorts, Jeffrey Campbell boots, Jaine K. Jewelry)

Saturday Inspiration~!

Courage and passion.  Courage to let go of your fears and do what you believe in, and passion to go after what you love to do.  Basically what these dance movies are all about and I love it!  I love that they basically take what many of us aspire to do in life (the message) and make is so beautiful.  Especially the ending dance scenes that are always so moving.  I like to watch these scenes when I need some motivation in my life and find that they always manage to inspire me a little.


I’m not a huge fan of the boyfriend jeans for myself but had to make an exception for these red Vince jeans.  They immediately caught my eye when I saw a tall, thin mannequin sporting it in the display window.  I tried it on and my mom (a huge fan of boyfriend jeans) kept convincing me that I needed it.  Confession: I rarely wear them, but when I do, I make sure to pair them with some form of high heels to lengthen my legs.  haha.

A picture I just had to take when I saw that the Grove shoopping mall had already put up their ginormous christmas tree!

Happy holidays everyone and more importantly: HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

(Zara jacket, Splendid sweater, Vince jeans, Matt Bernson shoes, Botkier bag)