Beauty Tip: Scotch Tape

Photo Jan 29, 5 01 46 PMAnyone ever have trouble with excess eye shadow that speckles the under eye area while doing a beautiful job with the eye makeup?  I always have this problem.  I painstakingly attempt to do a perfect smokey eye, only to have bits of gel liner and eyeshadow resting underneath my eye.  Making me look like I needed some 10+hours of sleep.  I’ve tried layering loose powder under the eye so I can flick it aside once the excess shadows make their way there and I’ve tried the putting a business card underneath the eye so it can protect form the eye shadows.  The former just didn’t work and the lather was just tiring.  I then resorted to wiping it away using some grapeseed oil (works wonders for cleaning away eye makeup) but all the hard work I put towards concealing my dark circles were wiped away too.

I was casually explaining this dilemma to a friend while we were all getting ready to go out and she told me a super simple solution for it.  Just get some scotch tape, stick it on the skin, and it takes all the debris away!  Works like a charm.  Now I always have scotch tape with me for eye shadow troubles.  🙂



muse2 muse3 muse4 muse5 muse1 museI went to the Muse concert on Monday night and it was so awesome!  Waited in line for2-3 hours to be in front of the stage.  It was insanely cold in line…I had a few stuff to read and keep me entertained but couldn’t focus because of the shivering.  All in all, the concert was worth the wait and my only regret is not going an extra hour earlier.  Could have gotten a high five from Matt Bellamy!  He was sooo close!

By the way, isn’t his jacket pretty awesome?  After the concert was over, they were giving away their drumsticks and guitar picks.  I wished he would give away his jacket.  Ha!

(S.W.O.R.D jacket, Brandy Melville shirt, Fiorentini+Baker boots)


avengers avengers1avengers2

Uh oh!  Making a horrible habit out of “borrowing” clothes from Ed!  He just received this Junk Food shirt through the mail and I snatched it up before he could even wear it.  I am fully utilizing the advice to “borrow from the boys.”

(Zara jacket, Junk Food shirt, Pleasure Doing Business skirt, Shoemint wedges, Jaine K. snake bangle)


Saturday Inspiration: The Devil Wears Prada


My favorite outfit from the movie! Love the preppy but sophisticated look. I’ve been dying to try that cute ponytail with the bangs but never quite manage to pull it off.
Miranda’s outfit is also a stunner too. So chic! I love how that red belt takes a white and black office attire to another level. Let’s not overlook that statement necklace either!


A look I can’t forget from the movie! I love the newsboy cap and she pulls it off so perfectly with another preppy outfit that she jazzed up with Chanel necklaces.


More awesome necklace layering. I have a soft spot for all black outfits and this one is so perfect! Especially with the boots.


This is what made me obsessed with long leather boots. Chanel perfection!


Another cap! I don’t know why I don’t own a white coat yet…I love the pure look of it but never got one for myself.


I couldn’t find too many pictures of Miranda but she definitely stole the show in this movie. She always wore a gorgeous coat and noone can quite pull off that hair as lovely as she does.

Emily  Blunt The Devil Wears Prada

Emily Blunt made me want to watch this movie so many times. I loved her bold outfits and makeup!

One of my favorite fashion movies ever!  I think I watched it twice or three times in the theatres and watched it a billion more times when I got it on DVD.  The outfits were fabulous but I loved the hairstyles and makeup even more.  Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous.  I think I will go watch it again tonight before I fall asleep.  😛

(all images via Google search)


All the outfits above is how I would love to dress and look 24/7 but unfortunately I look more like this. Especially at home when I’m lazy and feel so happy looking like a bum. 🙂


slouchy1slouchy4Do i look a bit creepy smiling on the stairway?  Sometimes when I don’t feel like smiling and attempt to crack one, I end up looking so creepy!  I’ve been feeling a little under the weather lately and it took all my willpower to get my butt to work and fit in a quick photo shoot in the morning.  Thank goodness for makeup, right?  Fixes almost anything.  Although these were few of the only ones without massive dark circles under my eyes.  Photos can be so unforgiving sometimes.  😛

I bought this sweater from Express a couple of years ago and I think it has such a perfect slouch to it.  I wear it whenever I’m feeling lazy and just want to be comfortable.  I usually pair it with black clothes and higher heels to make an attempt at looking more dressy when I’m going out but this time I wanted to try something with more color to lift my mood.  I thought pink and purple would be the perfect mood lifter with this sweater.

(Express sweater, J Brand jeans, Botkier crossbody, Fiorentini+Baker boots)


slouchyThe sun is shining down on us! 😀


Gas Station

gasstation gasstation2

For some reason, I thought posing by the gas stations while putting in gas would be a good idea.  It was a bit awkward with other people filling their gas tanks looking at me posing for pictures.  And I really wished that I had a pair of sunglasses on to shield from the sun.  Super bright.

I made Ed purchase this camel coat at Topshop recently and I have been waiting eagerly since to borrow it from him.  It’s so perfectly oversized on me!  I love the way the sleeves are hanging loose and the color is the perfect complement for my black romper.  Best part was that it was on sale for super cheap!  It was surprisingly hot out, for a change, so I took off the coat almost immediately after the first few shots.  I like how the fedora and holding onto my coat still gives my romper and wedges a warmer feel to it.

Do you guys like wedges?  I’ve never been into wedges or platform heels too much but I needed some sandals/heels for my work that looks cute and somewhat comfortable.  All the girls highly recommended wedges so I bought this pair and GOODNESS they are so comfortable!!  It’s amazingly comfortable.  I can stand around and walk in them for a few hours with no problems.  I think I might be getting converted to wedge sandals…

On a side note: Happy Hump Day everyone!  Just a few more days to a wonderful weekend.  🙂

(Topman coat, Wish romper, DV by Dolce Vita wedges, Marc by Marc Jacobs satchel)

Maui Photo Diary


Heading over to the pool to catch up on all my magazines.




At Hula Grill to watch the sunset.

(Jcrew gingham shirt, Brandy Melville shorts, Jaine K. sandals)


Waiting waiting waiting for the sun to set.


Sand all over! Sat at the Barefoot Bar for this!


Lovely sunset.


Sheraton Resort along Kaanapali beach.

maui11 (2)

Do we look alike??


Waiting for my first lu’au to begin.

(One teaspoon dress, Sam Edelman sandals)


Kahlua pig cooking underneath!


I think I was the only person in the resort wearing a sweater…

(Wildfox sweater, Brandy Melville shorts, Nastygal flats, Ray-Ban wayfarers)

maui13maui23maui22maui24I had an amazing time in Maui and cannot wait to go back someday!  I think it was as relaxing as a vacation can get amid all the sight seeing.  It was great being able to come out of the hotel room and having the beach be just a few steps away!  So convenient for snorkeling and just relaxing along the beach.  I was so scared of snorkeling in the first few attempts but managed to stay underwater for quite some time and swam out a bit further each time.  It’s so hard getting back to the shore though!  Takes so much effort to swim back and I’m barely moving since the currents are against me.  Thankfully the fishes are right near the shore so I don’t need to swim out much.  Yay!

A note to myself for future overpacking!!  I ended not wearing half the clothes I packed! 🙂