Saturday Inspiration: The Devil Wears Prada


My favorite outfit from the movie! Love the preppy but sophisticated look. I’ve been dying to try that cute ponytail with the bangs but never quite manage to pull it off.
Miranda’s outfit is also a stunner too. So chic! I love how that red belt takes a white and black office attire to another level. Let’s not overlook that statement necklace either!


A look I can’t forget from the movie! I love the newsboy cap and she pulls it off so perfectly with another preppy outfit that she jazzed up with Chanel necklaces.


More awesome necklace layering. I have a soft spot for all black outfits and this one is so perfect! Especially with the boots.


This is what made me obsessed with long leather boots. Chanel perfection!


Another cap! I don’t know why I don’t own a white coat yet…I love the pure look of it but never got one for myself.


I couldn’t find too many pictures of Miranda but she definitely stole the show in this movie. She always wore a gorgeous coat and noone can quite pull off that hair as lovely as she does.

Emily  Blunt The Devil Wears Prada

Emily Blunt made me want to watch this movie so many times. I loved her bold outfits and makeup!

One of my favorite fashion movies ever!  I think I watched it twice or three times in the theatres and watched it a billion more times when I got it on DVD.  The outfits were fabulous but I loved the hairstyles and makeup even more.  Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous.  I think I will go watch it again tonight before I fall asleep.  😛

(all images via Google search)


All the outfits above is how I would love to dress and look 24/7 but unfortunately I look more like this. Especially at home when I’m lazy and feel so happy looking like a bum. 🙂


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