slouchy1slouchy4Do i look a bit creepy smiling on the stairway?  Sometimes when I don’t feel like smiling and attempt to crack one, I end up looking so creepy!  I’ve been feeling a little under the weather lately and it took all my willpower to get my butt to work and fit in a quick photo shoot in the morning.  Thank goodness for makeup, right?  Fixes almost anything.  Although these were few of the only ones without massive dark circles under my eyes.  Photos can be so unforgiving sometimes.  😛

I bought this sweater from Express a couple of years ago and I think it has such a perfect slouch to it.  I wear it whenever I’m feeling lazy and just want to be comfortable.  I usually pair it with black clothes and higher heels to make an attempt at looking more dressy when I’m going out but this time I wanted to try something with more color to lift my mood.  I thought pink and purple would be the perfect mood lifter with this sweater.

(Express sweater, J Brand jeans, Botkier crossbody, Fiorentini+Baker boots)


slouchyThe sun is shining down on us! 😀



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