Beauty Tip: Scotch Tape

Photo Jan 29, 5 01 46 PMAnyone ever have trouble with excess eye shadow that speckles the under eye area while doing a beautiful job with the eye makeup?  I always have this problem.  I painstakingly attempt to do a perfect smokey eye, only to have bits of gel liner and eyeshadow resting underneath my eye.  Making me look like I needed some 10+hours of sleep.  I’ve tried layering loose powder under the eye so I can flick it aside once the excess shadows make their way there and I’ve tried the putting a business card underneath the eye so it can protect form the eye shadows.  The former just didn’t work and the lather was just tiring.  I then resorted to wiping it away using some grapeseed oil (works wonders for cleaning away eye makeup) but all the hard work I put towards concealing my dark circles were wiped away too.

I was casually explaining this dilemma to a friend while we were all getting ready to go out and she told me a super simple solution for it.  Just get some scotch tape, stick it on the skin, and it takes all the debris away!  Works like a charm.  Now I always have scotch tape with me for eye shadow troubles.  🙂


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