white n’ florals

white n' florals whitenflorals3 whitenflorals1 whitenflorals4

My sister recently gave me this white top claiming that the color looked bad on her.  Had to disagree but couldn’t complain about taking it off her hands since I’ve been wearing this top religiously since I got it!  It’s the perfect loose tunic/tank mix that makes me feel like I have nothing on.  And in my book, that’s always a big fat plus since I get so uncomfortable wearing heavy fabrics.  I have the worst time layering over the winter because I feel so constricted in them!

Ok, got a little off topic there with the winter woes and all so back to the tank tunic top.  I love it!  I also dug these floral skirt and shoes out of the closet while I was cleaning up and they all managed to go together nicely.  Love it when I find an old something while cleaning.

(Johnny was top, Brandy Melville skirt, Target shoes, Botkier bag, Jaine K. Designs bracelets, Free People sunglasses)


sun drenching

sundress6 sundress5 sundress7 sundress1 sundress5 sundress sundress9The perfect little summer dress to wear on those days where it’s too hot to wear anything.

(Brandy Melville dress and shorts, Free People hat, Botkier bag, Birkenstock sandals, Jaine K. Designs rings and bracelets)


ahoy ahoy3 ahoy1

I always feel so awkward wearing hats but I can’t deny that they are the ultimate weapon in covering up a horrid bedhead.  I woke up on this particular morning and the back of my head was a rat’s nest (don’t ever go to sleep with wet hair).  Perfect time to whip out my new hat that I bought a couple of months back.  I was so inspired by Gucci’s Pre-Fall collection and had to own a leather newsboy cap.  This version may not be the leather cap I seek but for someone who doesn’t wear hats often, good enough.

Word of advice, don’t wear hats anywhere near your guy friends + alcohol!  When they’ve drunk enough, that hat will be the hot item of the table.  They will be giggling and trying to stick their big heads into your cute little hat.  Boys. -_-

(Urban Outfitters hat, Free People dress, Opening Ceremony boots)

at a corner

jtownsf jtownsf1 jtownsf4I picked up this jacket for about $10 at a thrift store and it’s always my go-to whenever I want to throw on something light.  My mom says it would have been prettier in an army green color but I’m pretty satisfied with this boring brown color too.  I love the idea of it being this dusty boring brown thing that I just grab for errands or whatever else.  It’s probably spawned from my ghetto habit of wearing the same things over and over again on those days when I rarely ever leave the house for anything besides simple errands and late night burritos.

(Zara jacket, Free People slip, House of Harlow boots, Jaine K. Designs rings, Sunday Somewhere sunglasses)

Breaking Black

breaking black2 breaking black1 breaking blackBreaking up my usual all black with some purple. I’ve noticed that leather leggings are a great alternative for tights during the cold winter so these are practically a necessity to me right now. I find myself reaching for them often and now that I started layering them with slips and dresses, we’re practically inseparable. Best investment ever I think.

(Topshop sweater, Free People slip, Jeffrey Campbell shoes, Jaine K. Designs ring)

leopard & chambray

stacks stacks6 stacks1 stacks2 stacks5 stacks7

Enjoying a leisure breakfast a couple weeks back.  It’s so nice to be able to enjoy a late breakfast on a random weekday.  Wish I had more of these mornings. 🙂

I just got some new boots and so crazy about the tiny fleur de lis detail on it!!

(Earnest Sewn shirt, Maison Scotch jacket, Topshop shorts, Jaine K. Designs boots, Free People sunglasses)


it’s grunge time

plaidlydenim3 plaidlydenim1My feminine take on the grunge trend that’s been hitting the fashion scene hard.  I thought I was sick of it but couldn’t let it pass by me without dipping my toe in it once.  Maybe twice.

After my Saint Laurent inspiration from a few posts back, I am officially re-obsessed with it.  And I’m tempted to do every photo post in black and white.  Now if I can get my hands on his star knit cardigan…that powder blue color is just too perfect!

(Madewell top, Free People skirt, Zara shoes, Marc by Marc Jacobs bag, JCrew bracelet)