weekendgetaway weekendgetaway1 weekendgetaway2 weekendgetaway3 weekendgetaway4 weekendgetaway5 weekendgetaway6 weekendgetaway7 weekendgetaway8 weekendgetaway9 weekendgetaway10Had an almost amazing time over the weekend celebrating birthdays and a great reunion with my sister.  Almost amazing because there was an unfortunate accident at the sand dunes where a friend got hurt.  Nothing fatal though, which was a relief.  Unfortunately,  I spent a good portion of the day at the hospital which is why there are no other outfits in this post.  Ah wells.

Otherwise, It was a weekend filled with lattes and plenty of beach time.  Of course I managed to squeeze a small shopping session in but since I’m gearing up for an upcoming NY trip, I decided to be good and just came away with a plain tee.  Can’t wait for another amazing weekend getaway!

(Marc Jacobs jacket, Brandy Melville top, James Perse tank, One Teaspoon shorts, American Apparel socks, Hunter boots)



Blah blah1 blah2 blah3Just one of those days when everything I put on is blah. I took the courtesy of taking this blah moment and putting together a grayish monochrome outfit with my most faded grey tank top. Enjoy!

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(James Perse tank, Uniqlo leggings, Zara sandals, Lucky bracelet, Jaine K. Designs ring)blah4

A refreshing breath of cuteness in this blah moment. 🙂


malibu1 malibu2 malibu3 malibu5 malibu6

Spent an awesome day in Malibu with my sister last week!  Wished it was a bit  more sunny but can’t complain since I still had a great time.  My friend jokes and tells me that LA isn’t welcoming me back.  Apparently it was super sunny and hot until I got to LA…and after I got to LA it was gloomy and cold…and when I left, it was sunny and hot again.  I have awesome friends.

I can’t stop wearing these One Teaspoon shorts.  The denim leopard print makes it so easy to wear leopard without being too committed.

(James Perse shirt, One Teaspoon shorts, Zara sandals, Gorjana necklace, Jaine K. Designs bracelet)


So this is how I look with a beer belly.. ^^


Black and Gold

Black and gold black and gold 1The combination of black and gold is unbeatable. Whenever I get drawn towards a look and think to myself that it looks so simple and trendy, I realize that it’s always a lot of black and some gold in the outfit. It has a way of polishing up an outfit and take it anywhere you want it to go. Even my hoodie. 🙂

(ASOS cardigan, James Perse tank, Brandy Melville skirt, Zara belt, Tory Burch boots)