summer wedding

thomaswedding thomaswedding1 thomaswedding22 thomaswedding7 thomaswedding3 thomaswedding10 thomaswedding11 thomaswedding8 thomaswedding6 thomaswedding12thomaswedding17 thomaswedding20Gorgeous summer wedding!  I’ve never been to a wedding where the ceremony AND reception were held outdoors, and it did not disappoint.  The outdoor reception was so romantic and lovely.  I spent most of the night guzzling wine and cheering for the newlywed couple.  Almost to the point of pestering the bride to take an annoying amount of photos with me.  Blaming the wine for this!  I did manage to get a lot of great shots of and with them so I am still very pleased with myself. 😛

Now onto the outfit.  It’s fast becoming a habit of mine to not buy dresses because they’re so difficult to incorporate into multiple different outfits.  Which is why I decided to go with separates.  This Reformation skirt that I recently purchased seemed to be the perfect bottom piece because it’s so lightweight and that slit gives me a lot of leg room to dance my heart out on the floor while looking a bit sexier.  I paired it with a crop top that was hiding out in my closet and also some heels that would not match with anything I own.  I love it when you’re about to give up on something and it somehow finds it way to being useful again!

(ASOS top, Reformation skirt, Zara shoes, Clare Vivier clutch)



think pink

pink2 pink3 pink4 pink1

It’s amazing how a good dose of pink can liven up an outfit.  Wearing the same Cos shirt that finds its way on my body every day and some pink shorts that I picked up at Zara.  I also added some silver heels to give the outfit a little extra specialness.  They’re such a great alternative to nude or black sandals!

(Cos shirt, Zara shorts, ASOS sandals)

movie night

blendingin1 blendingin blendingin4 blendingin7So much excitement for a movie night last week. I rarely seem to go to the movies anymore so it was a very enjoyable experience. Need to make it happen more often.

Lately, I’ve been so obsessed with silver jewelry. Gold seemed to take over my life for the past decade so it’s surprising that I’m veering more towards silver now but it just seems so fresh. And I’m transported right back to high school when all I wore were silver accessories.

Anyone else notice that I’m practically blending in the movie theatre with my orange beanie? Never noticed how this AMC was so orange themed until I saw these pictures.

(Prabal Gurung x Target beanie, DOMA jacket, ASOS dress, Jeffrey Campbell x Nastygal boots, Jaine K. Designs bracelets and rings, Incaze bracelet)

L is for …

lisfor lisfor2 lisfor3 lisfor4 lisfo1Super ecstatic that I found an L sweater to represent my name. I love the varsity shirts and sweaters that are getting so popular but can never relate with the letters or numbers on them. The years never match up to anything of importance to me and same goes for numbers too. I would have settled with random letters but then I saw this sweater and then it was problem solved.

P.S. Beware of playing on tree branches. Ant colonies seem to favor them.

(ASOS sweater, Pixie Market top, Zara jeans, Opening Ceremony sneaker, Incaze bracelet)

Off Duty

offduty offduty1 offduty2 offduty4

Had such fun yesterday having lunch and drinks all day with a coworker.  Best hump day wednesday in a while!

P.S. I’m sure you guys all know but wearing leather shorts out in the sun, even while shaded under a huge umbrella, sucks big time!  Never again…

P.P.S. On the other hand, wearing a shirt that’s practically weightless and feels nonexistent on my skin is a huge plus.  

(Splendid shirt, Topshop shorts, Jcrew necklace, ASOS cap)