Am I Cool?

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After purchasing this striped shirt recently, I came to the conclusion that one can never have too many stripes. There are just too many variations and all of them so cute. Black and white stripes. Navy and white stripes. Long sleeve. Short sleeves. Blazers. Undies. TOO MANY CHOICES. And then I came to another conclusion. I am sorely lacking in essential basics. And with this I have to say to my sister, I am sorry. I thought you were a lunatic when you bought the 100th black tank top that seemed to look exactly the same as the others. Or when you bought that white shirt when you had so many other white shirts. And the black shirt, the gray shirts, the tanks, etc. Now I realize that they weren’t exactly the same and had seasonal little tweaks to them that set them so apart from the previous perfect tees and tanks that are now not perfect enough.

How did I end up rambling about stripes and then spitting nonsense about basics? Oh yeah, fashion, you are pure evil and I blame you for whittling finances. πŸ™‚

(Madewell top, Zara shorts, Jeffrey Campbell for Nastygal boots, AJ Morgan sunglasses, Jaine K. Designs rings)

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12 thoughts on “Am I Cool?

    • hey! Haven’t seen any updates on your site and was wondering where you disappeared off to! Glad you’re back and your boston terrier is adorable! πŸ™‚ Take a lot of pictures while he’s still a baby~

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