Haight&Ashbury Haight&Ashbury1 haight&ashbury2

Did a bit of shopping on Haight&Ashbury a few days ago and had a great time reminiscing of LA.  It really reminds me of Melrose in LA!  The vintage shopping and random stores of cheap goodies were spot on.  Afterwards, I went for a bite to eat at Capo’s.  You don’t mess around with deep dish pizza.  One slice will fill you up and two slices will make you want to pop.  I think I could have skipped on the extra cheese but couldn’t resist ricotta.

I’m going through a polka dots obsession and wearing polka dots tights seemed a good way to ease into it.  Deathly scared that within a few months, I might have polka dots everything.

(Maison Scotch jacket, Earnest Sewn shirt, H&M vest, Topshop shorts, Hue tights, Jaine K. Designs shoes)



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