Inspiration: Kate Moss for Stuart Weitzman

Barely there and perfect.  The best kind of sandals.  NEED NOW. 🙂

(Stuart Weitzman Nudist sandals)


found the one

inthemidst1 inthemidst2 inthemidstofthings inthemidst5inthemidst4

It’s always such an ordeal to find the perfect hat for oneself but I finally found mine. I couldn’t be any happier with this fedora that is slightly reminiscent of a fisherman’s hat. I’ve tried on countless hats over the years and bought many but this is truly the first time I’ve been completely satisfied with a hat purchase. Would it be a selfish thing to wish for yet another perfect hat? Maybe in brown or taupe? Ah, who am I kidding. Black is best.

(Goorin Bros hat, DOMA jacket, Zara slip, Stuart Weitzman boots)

abandoned lot

abandoned abandoned1 abandoned2 abandoned4 abandoned5My favorite items for the fall/winter, so far, are chunky knits and over the knee boots. Separate or together, I will be abusing them all winter long. How many different way can they be styled without one getting sick of them? Hmm… challenge accepted (I’ve been doing a How I Met Your Mother marathon and Barney is influencing my word choices)!

(H&M top, Stuart Weitzman boots)

La Boulange

laboulange3 laboulange2 laboulange laboulange1 laboulange5 laboulange6 laboulange7 laboulange8I was driving around the Marina district and noticed this cute french cafe, La Boulange. Apparently it’s a huge chain in SF and has numerous locations all over the districts. I can’t believe that I just noticed it! I can’t say much about the coffee because I forgot to order it after all the food I ordered but will definitely be going back to check it out. I was really excited for the french onion soup but it was sadly lukewarm and the cold wind outside chilled it instantly. Boo.

I love the over the knee boots but sometimes it can be hard to pull off in a casual manner, especially if its heeled. I can always put on some pants to tone it down but since I rarely like to wear long pants, I went with the usual black shorts and a long sleeve with a comfortable fit to tone down the boots. I think I could have done a white top with a tighter fit for more of a going out look but I was (smartly) dressed to eat a lot. 🙂

(Gap top, Zara shorts, Stuart Weitzman boots, Clare Vivier clutch, Jaine K. Designs chevaliere ring and knuckle ring)

NYE in Vegas Photo Diary


First night in vegas! Taking a quick hotel picture before heading out.

(Backstage dress, Shoemint shoes, Michael Kors clutch)


Dinner at Mon Ami in Paris Hotel. Must sit out in the patio for awesome view of the Bellagio fountains!


Bellagio foutain show


A very awesome room at the Haze nightclub in Aria Hotel. Loved the dancers’ outfits!!


Snuck in and took a quick picture! =]


It started snowing!


View of dance floor from upstairs.


My feet are killing me!
P.S. If you ever have to dance with heels all night, make sure to pack some Moleskin by Dr. Scholls. Best stuff ever for heel chafing. Really made my nights in vegas much more bearable. Now if only I can figure out how to make the balls of the feet more comfortable…


Gambled and lost. T,T
Next time Vegas…next time…


Quick picture at the Caesar’s Palace shopping entrance.

(Hat from Mission Thrift, Zara slip, Elevenses coat, Barney’s Co-Op boots)


Cirque Du Soleil Beatles Love! Amazing performances and awesome 60’s costumes!


It was super crowded. Hard to take pictures by the sign. 😦


Second night of clubbing at XS! Posing by the Encore hotel. Isn’t it grand?

vegas13 (2)

XS is the prettiest club ever. Love the beds and pool outside!

(MinkPink coat, Stuart Weitzman boots)


End of the night. I fell asleep at the diner but my friend kindly stuck a menu between my fingers. I have great friends.

Photo Dec 31, 10 28 46 PM

NYE at Tao! I loved these petal filled basins at the entrance.


The only picture I got to take of my whole outfit. It was super crowded inside and spent half the night trying to get all the friends together for the countdown!

(Aidan Mattox dress)


Countdown at midnight! Fireworks and balloons in the sky~ Happy New Years!

I took forever getting all the pictures together for this post!  I hope everyone had a happy New Years and best wishes for 2013 and thank you for taking the time to come by my blog!



Photo Dec 09, 12 54 27 PM Photo Dec 09, 12 55 08 PM Photo Dec 09, 12 56 33 PM Photo Dec 09, 10 43 17 AM

This may sound silly but that Mayle tag (above) is what ultimately convinced me to buy this dress.  I love cameos and seeing a cameo tag on the Mayle dress made me think it was fate for me to buy it.  A bit silly but, nonetheless, still a great dress.  Win win situation for me!

This gray dress is a great winter staple.  The thick fabric is pretty warm and the color is a neutral that pretty much goes with anything.  I really love how the dress hangs on my body without being too bulky.  Surprisingly, this dress is pretty unforgiving when it comes to packing on extra bulge on the body or panty lines.  Everything just shows right through the outline.

When I wore this outfit Sunday morning, I was dead tired from a weekend of unexpected partying with friends.  I wore the hat and sunglasses to cover up the aftermath of a rough weekend.  Hats and sunglasses really do hide everything!  =]

(Banana Republic coat, Mayle dress, Stuart Weitzman boots, Kimski hat, Ray Ban sunglasses)