vegas tourist

vegastourist4 vegastourist5 vegastourist6 vegastourist10 vegastourist7 vegastourist9 vegastourist11 vegastourist12(Anine Bing jacket, Ragdoll LA pants, Opening Ceremony shoes, Splendid shirt, Moschino iphone case, Karen Walker sunglasses)


Winter in January…

winterinjan1 winterinjan4 winterinjan

I knew that LA had amazing weather but the 80 degree weather I had during my week there was beyond awesome.  I basically got to experience summer during winter!  The trench was the perfect light piece to throw over my outfit.

(Anthropologie trench coat, Splendid shirt, Style Stalker skirt, Zara shoes)


Couldn’t leave LA without having a taste of this sweet pastry filled with honey, cinnamon, and peanuts.  It comes freshly made and I love that they sell it from a cart.


Clutch It

clutchit clutchit2 clutchit4 clutchit3Inspired from the fall runways to hold my bag as a clutch.  It was nice to hold the bulk of the weight in my hands but couldn’t get past the worries of staining my bag.  Maybe black would have sufficed better for this.

On the other hand, I really love that I can dress up a ratty old shirt with some heels and skirt.

(Splendid shirt, Vintage skirt and belt – stolen from my mom 😀 , Preen X Aldo Rise shoes, Botkier bag, JCrew necklace, Jaine K. Designs ring)

Off Duty

offduty offduty1 offduty2 offduty4

Had such fun yesterday having lunch and drinks all day with a coworker.  Best hump day wednesday in a while!

P.S. I’m sure you guys all know but wearing leather shorts out in the sun, even while shaded under a huge umbrella, sucks big time!  Never again…

P.P.S. On the other hand, wearing a shirt that’s practically weightless and feels nonexistent on my skin is a huge plus.  

(Splendid shirt, Topshop shorts, Jcrew necklace, ASOS cap)



All snow at the balcony!


Me and Howl.


Ok, I really should stop posting pictures of me and Howl.




Resting and throwing up peace signs.


Awesome pulled pork sandwiches with even more awesome coleslaw. Courtesy of birthday boy!

I had such a blast in Tahoe!  I went for a friend’s birthday and had a great time with friends I haven’t been able to hang out with for a while.  I had not snowboarded for two years and surprisingly I managed to make it down the slopes. FOUR times! 🙂

I initially packed a bunch of clothes to prepare for all the outings I imagined would happen.  Casino, dinners, lounges, and exploring the village.  We were all so tired that we managed to make it out of the cabin only to snowboard and explore the village due to desperate hunger.  Thus, the one outfit.

If you guys all read my saturday inspiration post last week, you must know that I wanted to do all winter white outfits.  I ended up sticking to trusty old back.  However, I didn’t want to make it too boring, and out necessity, I topped it with a hat and added some grunge to it by tying Ed’s flannel shirt around the waist.  I just love those looks lately!  Now if only I can manage to pick out some awesome caps to add to my small, but growing, collection of hats.  Preferably in leather.  😀


Howl loves snow!

(hat from Cusp, Splendid turtleneck, Archive leather leggings, Tory Burch boots, Ben Sherman flannel, Juicy Couture puffer coat)


Minimal minimal2 minimal3 Minimal1Second day at the resort and recovering from a horrible cold so I wanted to take things easy by doing relatively chill activities.  I lounged around on the balcony for a bit catching up on my magazines, lounged around on random relaxing spots on the resort, and walked over to Whalers Village in search of some food.  I was SO happy to find Subway at the village because I was already getting sick of the overpriced burgers, nachos, fries, etc. at the resort.

My uniform at the resort were mostly simple tanks and shorts.  I just tried to give a little life to my white shirt and jean shorts by adding a few accessories.  My favorite scarf wrapped around my head as a headband, my round framed sunglasses, and leopard flats.  All very minimal but makes me feel as if I put in some effort to my outfit.  🙂

(American Apparel scarf, Brian Atwood for Target + Neiman Marcus sunglasses, Splendid shirt, American Apparel shorts, Nastygal leopard flats)


raindrops raindrops1

Tweed jacket.  My guy friends are always telling me that I look “too” mature when I wear this.  Sad Face!  But of course I still wear it all the time since I love my tweed jacket.  However, the rainy days inspired me to try something a little different with the tweed.  I paired it with rainboots and a beret in attempts to tone down the mature vibe and insert a youngster vibe to it.  Is it working? =]

I’m still getting used to having to wear rainboots often so trying to think of more outfit ideas that revolve around rainboots.  Maybe I’ll try to buy some pink ones to change it up a bit.

(H&M beret, Splendid turtleneck, Max&Co. jacket, American Apparel skirt, Hunter boots)