black and some leopard

A little leopard to polish up a basic black outfit.

Random question, does anyone’s hat tend to want to fly off when the wind is blowing?  I’m starting to speculate that maybe my hats may be too big for my head… But I so hate it when it’s snug on and makes my head feel claustrophobic!  What to do, what to do…


(Goorin Bros hat, Iro tank, Maison Scotch jacket, Rag&Bone boots, Ray-Ban sunglasses)


Window Sill Leopard

leopard leopard1 leopard3I was always a bit cautious when dealing with leopard, mostly because my friends (guys of course) always tease me that I look like an old lady. And this is just from wearing a leopard scarf. I’ve also associated leopard with being a sexy print to wear when prowling out on the streets at night. However, I’ve been playing around with the print a lot lately and the possibilities with styling it seems to be endless. Some people say that leopard should be considered a neutral and I have half a mind to agree with it. Just take this sweater, for example. It’s just a sweater that I can dress down into casual territory with the Sperry loafers and some jean shorts. But I also see myself dressing it up with some heels and skinny trousers. Basically, leopard is just an awesome print that can be plastered onto anything. A pair of high heels, casual sandals, sweater, blouse, pants, etc. Just like a neutral! But it will still be a special neutral that lends a little special something to an ordinary outfit.

(ASOS hat, Ray-Ban sunglasses, sweater from Wasteland, American Apparel shorts, Sperry Top-Sider loafers)

Black Lace

blacklace1 blacklace blacklace3 blacklace4

I had a couple of lace pieces so I put it together to see if it would be lace overkill but surprisingly turned out fine.  I’ve had this bodycon dress forever and mostly wore it for a night out in town but decided to try a daytime look.  Pairing it with sporty wayfarers and a satchel definitely made this outfit more suitable for the day.  I usually like to wear leather jackets when I do an all black look (it looks badass ^^) but decided to save it for the evening when its colder.

Yesterday was an awesomely warm day so I took a stroll with Howl to a  nearby Indian restaurant that I frequent often.  I confess, I can eat Indian every day if given the chance.  I should just learn how to cook my favorite dishes!

(H&M dress, House of Harlow boots, Marc by Marc Jacobs satchel, Ray-Ban wayfarers, Jewelmint necklace, Jaine K. jewelry)



Photo Dec 09, 12 54 27 PM Photo Dec 09, 12 55 08 PM Photo Dec 09, 12 56 33 PM Photo Dec 09, 10 43 17 AM

This may sound silly but that Mayle tag (above) is what ultimately convinced me to buy this dress.  I love cameos and seeing a cameo tag on the Mayle dress made me think it was fate for me to buy it.  A bit silly but, nonetheless, still a great dress.  Win win situation for me!

This gray dress is a great winter staple.  The thick fabric is pretty warm and the color is a neutral that pretty much goes with anything.  I really love how the dress hangs on my body without being too bulky.  Surprisingly, this dress is pretty unforgiving when it comes to packing on extra bulge on the body or panty lines.  Everything just shows right through the outline.

When I wore this outfit Sunday morning, I was dead tired from a weekend of unexpected partying with friends.  I wore the hat and sunglasses to cover up the aftermath of a rough weekend.  Hats and sunglasses really do hide everything!  =]

(Banana Republic coat, Mayle dress, Stuart Weitzman boots, Kimski hat, Ray Ban sunglasses)