subtle orange

It’s amazing how great the weather is in LA.  Wearing a breezy silk tunic in the middle of February with no need for a jacket.  Amazing weather.

I usually don’t wear too much color or patterns but this top is so irresistible.  The hints of subtle orange mixed into the fun pattern makes it such a fun piece to wear but it’s surprisingly really versatile.  I was thinking of pairing it with my usual black boots but decided to go all out with my new snakeskin chelsea boots.

Sometimes it’s fun to just let go and have fun.

(Johnny Was top, Jean-michel Cazabat boots, Ray-Ban sunglasses)


summer vibes

fresh take freshtake3 freshtake1

When it comes to summer styles, I think there is nothing more fitting than adding a little boho twist to your usual staples.  In my case, a little embroidery goes a long way in achieving that slightly western vibe.

(Johnny Was top, American Apparel shorts, Nastygal boots, Botkier bag, Karen Walker sunglasses)

white n’ florals

white n' florals whitenflorals3 whitenflorals1 whitenflorals4

My sister recently gave me this white top claiming that the color looked bad on her.  Had to disagree but couldn’t complain about taking it off her hands since I’ve been wearing this top religiously since I got it!  It’s the perfect loose tunic/tank mix that makes me feel like I have nothing on.  And in my book, that’s always a big fat plus since I get so uncomfortable wearing heavy fabrics.  I have the worst time layering over the winter because I feel so constricted in them!

Ok, got a little off topic there with the winter woes and all so back to the tank tunic top.  I love it!  I also dug these floral skirt and shoes out of the closet while I was cleaning up and they all managed to go together nicely.  Love it when I find an old something while cleaning.

(Johnny was top, Brandy Melville skirt, Target shoes, Botkier bag, Jaine K. Designs bracelets, Free People sunglasses)

a thanksgiving day

thanksgiving thanksgiving1 thanksgiving2 thanksgiving4 thanksgiving11 thanksgiving12 thanksgiving13Enjoyed a great Thanksgiving day with a major dose of house envy. All pictures shot inside and out in the backyard of the gorgeous house. And of course I had to pose for one inside the mini wine cellar. Totally dreamy place.

Also, leather leggings are THE perfect thing to wear when you’re going to stuff yourself into a food coma all day.

(Gap shirt, Johnny Was scarf, Schutz shoes)

Napa Adventure

napa napa1 napa11 napa6 napa14 napa15 napa12 napa17 napa3 napa4 napa2 napa5I had the opportunity to go on a wine tasting tour over the weekend with some friends. Stopped by three wineries in the napa valley and got quite a few tastings of wine. Also picked up a few tidbits about wines and sparklings that I didn’t know before. All in all, a very entertaining day with a crazy bus ride back home that desperate made me wish for some more of those wine tastings.

(Johnny Was shirt, Matt Bernson sandals, Botkier bag, Jaine K. Designs jewelry)


unexpected unexpected1Funny how last minute adjustments to an outfit can make a turn towards the unexpected. I pulled on the striped skirt thinking to pair it with a basic white tee and black shoes but the chain necklace managed to change everything. Suddenly, the black shoes were such a bore with the necklace so I had to switch multiple flats and sneakers until I found these leopard flats. And then the white tee wasn’t cutting it either. Or maybe I just wasn’t feeling it. I needed something more luxurious. Ended up with this grey silk slip that I’m currently wearing on repeat. Silk slips are the answer to complaints against cotton basics. When basics aren’t enough, upgrade to a luxury basic. 🙂

And there it is, stripes and leopard. A combo I didn’t anticipate seeing myself in. I’m liking how they look together and now my mind is debating whether it is the stripes or the leopard that’s making it work.

(Johnny Was slip, Forever21 skirt, flats from Nastygal, Jcrew necklace)


fallback3 fallback4 fallback5 fallback6Nothing like a black leather jacket to make me feel more polished. I wear this jacket way too often but its such an easy fallback piece that finishes off most of my outfits. And when in doubt, nothing feels better than wearing black and greys. A little gold never hurts.

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(DOMA jacket, Johnny Was cami, Zara shorts, Senso boots, Jcrew chain links, Jaine K. Designs ring)