Slumber Party

slumberparty3 slumberparty2 slumberpartyAn outfit that my guy friends consistently make fun of and chides me for wearing it in public.  But nothing is better than wearing a comfortable pair of PJs out with cute boots to grab a bottle of wine at nearby supermarket.  And I’m already ready for bed.  Win!

(Zara playsuit, Banana Republic trench, Opening Ceremony sneakers, Jewelmint earrings)


Playing With Glitter

playing with glitter (2) playing with glitterI got sick of my uniform black shoes that I’ve been wearing daily, mainly for work, so I wanted to change it up and step out in glitter. They do a great job of livening up an uneventful outfit.

(Banana Republic top, H&M skirt, Shoemint sandals)

Throw It On

popofplaid popofplaid (2) popofplaid1

I’ve been wearing coats so often lately that it’s been getting boring looking at myself with the same black or tan coat again and again. Solution – just throw the coat over the outfit! It still does it job of keeping me warm and it looks so effortless.

(Banana Republic coat, Armani Exchange jacket, Madewell top, H&M shorts, Tory Burch loafers)

popofplaid (3)

Spring Trench

Spring Trench springtrench1 springtrench2

I’ve been waiting for the weather to warm up so I can finally wear my white lace shorts.  I suppose I can wear it when it’s cold out but it won’t generate that happy anticipatory mood I get when the weather is more pleasing.  I’ll just be cold and miserable, wondering why the heck I wore super short lace shorts on a gloomy gloomy winter day.

In my mind, the trench coat goes hand in hand with spring because it’s such a transitory coat.  It’s long and covers enough to battle the breezes but light enough that I won’t be sweating under the few hours of strong sunshine.  It’s still February and there are still breezes of cold air so the trench was the perfect cover up.

The wedge sandals I’m wearing are another piece from the Prabal Gurung for Target collaboration.  There was the black and white color block and an all red.  I opted for the black and white since it’s such a strong color combination trend and my two favorite colors to wear separate and alone.

(Banana Republic trenchcoat, Banana Republic blouse, Zara shorts, Prabal Gurung for Target sandals)



Photo Dec 09, 12 54 27 PM Photo Dec 09, 12 55 08 PM Photo Dec 09, 12 56 33 PM Photo Dec 09, 10 43 17 AM

This may sound silly but that Mayle tag (above) is what ultimately convinced me to buy this dress.  I love cameos and seeing a cameo tag on the Mayle dress made me think it was fate for me to buy it.  A bit silly but, nonetheless, still a great dress.  Win win situation for me!

This gray dress is a great winter staple.  The thick fabric is pretty warm and the color is a neutral that pretty much goes with anything.  I really love how the dress hangs on my body without being too bulky.  Surprisingly, this dress is pretty unforgiving when it comes to packing on extra bulge on the body or panty lines.  Everything just shows right through the outline.

When I wore this outfit Sunday morning, I was dead tired from a weekend of unexpected partying with friends.  I wore the hat and sunglasses to cover up the aftermath of a rough weekend.  Hats and sunglasses really do hide everything!  =]

(Banana Republic coat, Mayle dress, Stuart Weitzman boots, Kimski hat, Ray Ban sunglasses)

Autumn Leaves



This outfit is my mini farewell to fall days before winter really starts to kick in.  I noticed I haven’t really worn anything that screams “FALL!” and the colors of this argyle sweater seemed perfect.  Reminds me of leaves falling off the trees during fall.  Which is why I’m standing over a few leaves that are strewn around. =]

I paired the sweater with a corduroy skirt since it seemed appropriate together.  Argyle and corduroys are such old-school “classic” staples that just seems to keep falling in and out of fashion – but always a classic staple that a majority of people hang on to.  Or maybe the fashion world just has us believe it’s in fashion or out of fashion when in truth, it will always be in fashion!  I swear I’m always reading articles headlining “corduroy is in fashion again!” “argyle is back and better than ever!”, etc.  Whatever the case, I love them both!  The preppy vibe of argyle, and the warmth and comfort of corduroy (I keep spelling corduroy as courdroy!!).

These knee high boots are an old favorite of mine that I haven’t given much love to for the past few years.  Totally loving them again!  Super dear to my heart because I remember hunting for the perfect pair of slim leather knee high boots back in 2004.  It was insanely hard to find good ones back then without a high price tag.  Finally came across these at Barneys Co-Op and snatched them up.  Now I can’t seem to invest in another set of knee high boots without feeling like I’m betraying these!  Will have to soon tho…there are so many lovely boots out there!  I think I shall try to find a pair with some gold zipper detailing on them.  Always seems to make boots look ultra chic and gives a richer tone~

(Banana Republic sweater, American Apparel skirt, Barneys Co-op boots, Botkier bag, vintage snakeskin belt, Jaine K. jewelry)


Subtle Stripes


I think I can safely say that stripes are such an easy way to add an extra flair to an otherwise simple outfit.    If I can, I would like to have stripes everything!  Striped shirts, striped sweaters, and more striped shirts.  So hard to find the perfect ones!  And when I finally think my search is over, there are even more lovely ones coming out.

I also love pairing sweaters and collared blouses, and lately it seems as if the combination to pull them off are endless! So many colors and materials to choose from~  I’m definitely going to be keeping an eye out for some more button downs and comfortable sweaters to wear.

Don’t you love the purple button down I’m wearing?  I made my friend buy it and couldn’t resist “borrowing” it.

(Jcrew shirt, Banana Republic sweater, Forever 21 skirt, Zara heels, Jaine K. jewelry)