tokyo photo diary

chambray3 Photo May 06, 9 48 08 PMjapan4 wedding1 wedding3 wedding6 wedding5 wedding7japan japan1 shinuya2 shibuya japan11 Photo May 08, 6 14 20 AMshibuya4 chambray4 chambray Photo May 06, 7 12 03 PM Photo May 08, 4 40 24 AM Photo May 07, 4 51 29 AMshibuya7japan10

So late in posting these photos up but this is my one week in Tokyo spent walking around and trying to inhale my surroundings in.  Most times I was so busy taking everything in that I may have forgotten to take some pictures here and there.  I went for a friend’s wedding and it was such a different experience from any other wedding that I’ve been too.  First of which I couldn’t understand anything during the whole ceremony and especially during the speeches during the reception!  Other than that special occasion, I tried to eat as much sushi and wagyu beef that I could stuff in myself.  The beef was insanely unforgettable and just the thought of it makes me drool.  Tokyo… I’m coming back for you.


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