Saturday Inspiration: Gucci Pre-Fall 2014


Pink and black has never looked so glorious together.


I used to hate bucket bags because they just seemed so old fashioned but now I can’t get enough of them! The last few months have been spent drooling over these bags and this Gucci version is just gorgeous!


This black military trench dress is just killing it. Especially paired with that newsboy cap.


Can never say no to anything fuzzy and soft. The soft grey color is so pretty! I also really like how they paired these masculine pants with such a soft color.


Cocoon coat + animal print. Give it to me now! Love the striking balance between the yellow and black.


Just another look at it.


All black and some leather. Need I say more?


So simple but so perfect! The leather cuff accents makes it even more special.


So good!


I can never say no to furs. Especially white furs for some reason. I usually see furs styled with heels but I’m loving this casual approach with loafers.

I can’t stop thinking about and staring at this marvelously simple but stunning collection! I love the bright accents of color and the leather accents that really makes the piece special. And I seriously need one of those hats. It looks amazing paired with every outfit! The hat is such a perfection.


A sweet black and white compilation. Courtesy of Garancedore.

(images from and Garancedore)

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