La Boulange

laboulange3 laboulange2 laboulange laboulange1 laboulange5 laboulange6 laboulange7 laboulange8I was driving around the Marina district and noticed this cute french cafe, La Boulange. Apparently it’s a huge chain in SF and has numerous locations all over the districts. I can’t believe that I just noticed it! I can’t say much about the coffee because I forgot to order it after all the food I ordered but will definitely be going back to check it out. I was really excited for the french onion soup but it was sadly lukewarm and the cold wind outside chilled it instantly. Boo.

I love the over the knee boots but sometimes it can be hard to pull off in a casual manner, especially if its heeled. I can always put on some pants to tone it down but since I rarely like to wear long pants, I went with the usual black shorts and a long sleeve with a comfortable fit to tone down the boots. I think I could have done a white top with a tighter fit for more of a going out look but I was (smartly) dressed to eat a lot. 🙂

(Gap top, Zara shorts, Stuart Weitzman boots, Clare Vivier clutch, Jaine K. Designs chevaliere ring and knuckle ring)


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