BBQ Chillin

bbqchillin bbqchillin2 bbqchillin3 bbqchillin1How legit is this grill?  I had an awesome time doing BBQ with some friends over the weekend but sadly there are no picture evidence of the actual grilled stuff because I was too hungry to think about pictures by the time the grill got going.  

This top is a favorite open back of mine at the moment but it proved quite difficult to wear because of its thin nude material.  I tried various stickers to cover the high beams but they were shaped funny or the ridges showed through.  I finally came across some info that the Reformation girls (if you’ve been on their website, then you know that all their clothing are super thin and impossible to wear with a bra) used Bristols6 to hide the beams.  Let me tell you, it works like a charm!  Very natural shaped cover and the coloring doesn’t show through at all.  I’m in love and I want to have a lifetime supply of it.  🙂

(ASOS top, Club Monaco shorts, Maison Boinet belt, Shoemint shoes, Forever 21 necklace, JCrew bracelet, Jaine K. Designs ring)


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