Caught In Action

caught in the act (2) caught in the act

A blog title that has nothing to do with my outfit and everything to do with Howl. I’m posing for a quick picture at some awesome spot near Russian Hill and I notice a puddle next to me. I check the camera and I see her (above) squatting and peeing! Had a good long laugh over that one!

SF weather has a mind of its own. Its nice and sunny in other parts of the bay area but, nope, not SF. It was freezing cold and windy. Good thing I was prepared with other things to drape over the sheer sweater I was wearing. I feel like a native Norcalian now.

I busted out these Vince boyfriend jeans in hopes of satiating my desire to buy these awesome One Teaspoon shredded jeans. They’re so perfectly distressed and the washed out color is great too. Keep imaging myself wearing them over and over again during the coming summer. Do I need these??

(Brandy Melville sweater, Vince jeans, Zara sandals)

caught in the act2 caught i nthe act3


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