Window Sill Leopard

leopard leopard1 leopard3I was always a bit cautious when dealing with leopard, mostly because my friends (guys of course) always tease me that I look like an old lady. And this is just from wearing a leopard scarf. I’ve also associated leopard with being a sexy print to wear when prowling out on the streets at night. However, I’ve been playing around with the print a lot lately and the possibilities with styling it seems to be endless. Some people say that leopard should be considered a neutral and I have half a mind to agree with it. Just take this sweater, for example. It’s just a sweater that I can dress down into casual territory with the Sperry loafers and some jean shorts. But I also see myself dressing it up with some heels and skinny trousers. Basically, leopard is just an awesome print that can be plastered onto anything. A pair of high heels, casual sandals, sweater, blouse, pants, etc. Just like a neutral! But it will still be a special neutral that lends a little special something to an ordinary outfit.

(ASOS hat, Ray-Ban sunglasses, sweater from Wasteland, American Apparel shorts, Sperry Top-Sider loafers)


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