Hear Me Roar

hearmeroar1 hearmeroar3

I was in LA this past week and these were the only pictures I managed to take in between all the eating and shopping.  So sorry about the lack of blog posts this week!

My sister promised me that LA weather was so perfect that I just packed some light leather and stuff but it was freezing in LA!  Thankfully my mom was nice enough to lend me her fur collared cardigan which kept me toasty warm.  The fall 2013 runways are really inspiring me to try my hand at more layering so the short sleeve on this cardigan was perfect to layer over my leather jacket.  My leather arms were still peeking through and I had the added benefit of more layers and more warmth.

Something about the fur collar made me feel so regal!  Maybe this is why lions are the king of the jungles.  They have a natural mane of fur around their neck to help them feel regal 24/7.

(Hugo Boss cardigan, SWORD jacket, Junk Food Clothing shirt, vintage leather skirt, Anne Klein pump)



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