All snow at the balcony!


Me and Howl.


Ok, I really should stop posting pictures of me and Howl.




Resting and throwing up peace signs.


Awesome pulled pork sandwiches with even more awesome coleslaw. Courtesy of birthday boy!

I had such a blast in Tahoe!  I went for a friend’s birthday and had a great time with friends I haven’t been able to hang out with for a while.  I had not snowboarded for two years and surprisingly I managed to make it down the slopes. FOUR times! 🙂

I initially packed a bunch of clothes to prepare for all the outings I imagined would happen.  Casino, dinners, lounges, and exploring the village.  We were all so tired that we managed to make it out of the cabin only to snowboard and explore the village due to desperate hunger.  Thus, the one outfit.

If you guys all read my saturday inspiration post last week, you must know that I wanted to do all winter white outfits.  I ended up sticking to trusty old back.  However, I didn’t want to make it too boring, and out necessity, I topped it with a hat and added some grunge to it by tying Ed’s flannel shirt around the waist.  I just love those looks lately!  Now if only I can manage to pick out some awesome caps to add to my small, but growing, collection of hats.  Preferably in leather.  😀


Howl loves snow!

(hat from Cusp, Splendid turtleneck, Archive leather leggings, Tory Burch boots, Ben Sherman flannel, Juicy Couture puffer coat)


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