Top It Off

Safeway safeway1 safeway2Quick wine run at the Lucky market.  I live a few blocks away from this market so it’s my top choice when I need to stash up on wine.  So many choices!

It was a chilly night so I stole Ed’s coat again and layered up inside with a classic white shirt and a striped vest.  What I love about this vest is that the material is very thick so it really helps to retain heat when paired with a jacket or coat.  It’s a tad bit too thick to wear during the summer but I do still like to wear it in the evenings when it’s not as sunny.

I topped everything off with my Best Friends beanie!  I thought it went quite perfectly with my blue shoes.  🙂

(Target + Neiman Marcus collaboration Band of Outsiders Best Friends beanie, Topman coat, Gap shirt, Barney’s Co-Op vest, Urban Outfitters skirt, Marc by Marc Jacobs pumps, Botkier bag)


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