Saturday Inspiration: The Holiday


My favorite outfit from the movie. The coat was gorgeous and her outfit underneath was so chic.


Turtleneck she was wearing underneath.


I want all white silk PJs!


White shirts will never go out of style!


White hoop earrings. A nice break from gold or silver hoops.

The Holiday was a cute and fun movie to watch but what really caught my eyes were Cameron Diaz’s outfits.  I loved how she wore mostly white throughout the movie.  Winter white!  So chic and lovely next to snow.  Now I want everything white and already going on a frenzy in my mind.

What I need: white knit sweater, white PJs, white shoes, white jeans, cream leather jacket.   I need a santa…

I’m going on a cabin trip to Tahoe next week and immediately thought of this movie for my outfit inspirations.  I probably won’t be looking as sharp and gorgeous as Cameron Diaz but I will be holding a glass of wine and having loads of fun.  😛


What I will be doing in the cabin.


5 thoughts on “Saturday Inspiration: The Holiday

  1. white white white white


    It’s been my obsession of sorts of late. And obviously diaz does it to perfection.
    The turtleneck in the 3rd is my fav, but you’ve given us some great ones to go through.

    So cool that you took the time to showcase the best outfit sin the film with these screen shots. Such a good blogging idea, and a really creative one at that! Thanks for taking the time to show us all of these.



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