Gas Station

gasstation gasstation2

For some reason, I thought posing by the gas stations while putting in gas would be a good idea.  It was a bit awkward with other people filling their gas tanks looking at me posing for pictures.  And I really wished that I had a pair of sunglasses on to shield from the sun.  Super bright.

I made Ed purchase this camel coat at Topshop recently and I have been waiting eagerly since to borrow it from him.  It’s so perfectly oversized on me!  I love the way the sleeves are hanging loose and the color is the perfect complement for my black romper.  Best part was that it was on sale for super cheap!  It was surprisingly hot out, for a change, so I took off the coat almost immediately after the first few shots.  I like how the fedora and holding onto my coat still gives my romper and wedges a warmer feel to it.

Do you guys like wedges?  I’ve never been into wedges or platform heels too much but I needed some sandals/heels for my work that looks cute and somewhat comfortable.  All the girls highly recommended wedges so I bought this pair and GOODNESS they are so comfortable!!  It’s amazingly comfortable.  I can stand around and walk in them for a few hours with no problems.  I think I might be getting converted to wedge sandals…

On a side note: Happy Hump Day everyone!  Just a few more days to a wonderful weekend.  🙂

(Topman coat, Wish romper, DV by Dolce Vita wedges, Marc by Marc Jacobs satchel)


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