Waikiki Photo Diary


I went to Doraku japanese restaurant for dinner and was pleased to find some japanese beers that I’ve never tried before.


First plate of sushi!! It was great to eat some asian cuisine after eating overpriced burgers and stuff at the Maui resort. 😛


View of the boutiques along Waikiki Beach.


Stopped for a quick photo.


Snapped another one 😛

(Free People top, Zara shorts, Sam Edelman sandals, Ray Ban aviators, Jaine K. jewelry)


Musubis at Iyasume were the best!! Went there every day during my stay in Waikiki!


Rice is still warm since its made fresh! Really wish I can have some right now.


King’s Village! It was a lot of touristy japanese shops. I keep calling this place King’s Landing..watched too much Game of Thrones..


Trolleys might seem touristy but its such a cool alternative to taking the bus! I love how I can sightsee while sitting down and feel some relatively cool breezes blowing through.


DFS Galleria! I went crazy trying out all the makeup products on the 2nd floor. Pretty cool to not have to pay tax for makeup. :)) They had a huge Marc by Marc Jacobs section too.


They’re just so cute! I think someone positions them differently every day. Second time I went there, the dogs were high fiving each other.

Photo Jan 14, 10 32 09 PM

I came close to tears when I saw a Korean BBQ place in Hawaii. I miss K-Town in LA so so much!

Photo Jan 15, 2 05 09 PM

Last shot at the beach before heading to the airport!

(Brandy Melville top and skirt)

It was so surprising to realize that Waikiki Beach is a major Japanese tourist area.  They have Japanese restaurants everywhere and whenever I walk into a store I get greeted in Japanese.  Too bad I have no idea what they’re saying half the time!  I must say though..it was extremely satisfying to be near so much asian cuisine after days of eating overpriced burgers and chips in Maui.

I spent my days in Waikiki trying out all the local Hawaiian food and doing some light shopping.  Ate a lot of loco mocos and musubis!  And of course tried out their shaved ice.

All in all, it was a fun trip but next time I will definitely plan ahead and stay in  the northshore area instead of Waikiki Beach.  🙂  I will post up my Maui photos as soon as I get all of them together!


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