Saturday Inspiration: Video Games


Really wish I could see the rest of the outfit but still love the part I can see. I love the mustard yellow and that hair. Such a great vintage vibe.


Just added this picture since it was for promoting Video Games. This makes me obsessed with chain necklaces.  I love how she made added some glam to her tshirt and shorts.


Aren’t those sunglasses cute?? 🙂

Going to Hawaii on Tuesday for vacation!  Super excited and wanted to post up a video that makes me ready for summer weather.  Whenever I listen to this song, it reminds me of driving down the PCH along Malibu and Santa Monica.  Thought it would be the perfect preparation for me to spend a week by the beaches of Hawaii.  I love how this song makes me think of summer, summer humidity, and vintage – all with a romantic and sad tone.  Maybe a few beers and cigarettes too.  haha

Can never get sick of this song and the album. =]

(random images found on Google)


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