One Outfit, Two Ways

Photo Dec 22, 3 01 56 PMPhoto Dec 22, 3 03 03 PM

Photo Dec 22, 3 05 50 PMPhoto Dec 22, 3 06 41 PM

Best thing about rainy days are being able to walk around in rainboots and oversized puffer coats.  I’ve had these Hunter boots for a while but never knew how useful rainboots really are until I moved to Norcal.  I’m so protected from all the dreary rain and rain puddles!  However, this isn’t a great outfit option to go to work with so I changed up the outfit a bit to look more appropriate for my work.  Just a simple change of jacket and shoes can really change up an outfit.  Which outfit do you like better? =]

(Juicy Couture jacket, Exclusive cami, American Apparel skirt, Hunter boots, Marc Jacobs jacket, leopard flats from NastyGal)


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