Pre-Fall 2013

3.1 Phillip Lim:  Over the knee boots, polka dot stockings, oversized sweaters, and an amazing coat.  My favorites from the collection.  The leather vest was just badass so I had to toss that in there.  Also, are you noticing the buckled scarf wrap??  Love how these simple details and silhouettes come together to form a cozy form of badass-ness.

phillip-lim11phillip-lim04phillip-lim13phillip-lim36 phillip-lim10

Moschino Cheap & Chic:  I’m obsessed with pink right now.  That pink coat and pink FUR coat has to come into my closet now.  I’m not a big fan of orange (a friend of mine hates orange and I think it’s traumatized me from the color too) but really liking this modernized Flintstones looking dress.  It’ll be an awesome dress to do Twinkle Toes in.

moschino-cheap-chic02 moschino-cheap-chic03 moschino-cheap-chic06

Chanel:  Scotland mixed with Parisian influences.  Interesting collection that uses a bunch of classic patterns and styles (argyle, tweed, plaid/tartan, berets) to form a rustic country chic style.  I can imagine myself wanting to wear some of these to a cozy winter resort trip.

chanel-pre-fall-2013-66_113620113502 chanel-pre-fall-2013-45_113602107350 chanel-pre-fall-2013-10_113534546977 chanel-pre-fall-2013-36_11355548863 chanel-pre-fall-2013-07_113532701047 chanel-pre-fall-2013-06_113531376479

Michael Kors:  Michael Kors keeps stealing my heart lately.  I’ve been loving all the accessories and shoes from the line but now I’m noticing his clothing lines are getting very interesting too.  He has a very understated but flashy style that screams Hollywood and money.  How interesting is that mustard green angora sweater?

michael-kors-pre-fall-2013-14_163914135188 michael-kors-pre-fall-2013-06_163908948990 michael-kors-pre-fall-2013-22_163919401430 michael-kors-pre-fall-2013-18_163916237298

Proenza Schouler: Amazing jackets and coats!  I love that electric blue color and the boxy silhouettes really toughens up the outfits.  Must hunt for an over sized boxy coat very very soon.

proenza-schouler-pre-fall-2013-03_121842220704 proenza-schouler-pre-fall-2013-13_121849662112 proenza-schouler-pre-fall-2013-09_12184621672

Burberry Prorsum:  What can I say?  They have the best trenches.  Really amazes me how they think of fresh ways to re-interpret their classics every season.

burberry23 burberry15 burberry29 burberry28 burberry30 burberry25


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