Falling Yellow

Photo Dec 11, 1 38 10 PM Photo Dec 11, 1 39 37 PM Photo Dec 11, 1 40 11 PM Photo Dec 11, 1 42 41 PM

Keep seeing these yellow leaves everywhere while I’m walking Howl.  Not quite sure what kind of tree it is but it’s sure lovely when the leaves fall and scatter all over the sidewalks.

Been a little obsessed with fur, pink, and glitter lately so I found a way to put them all together.  I really cannot wait to go to some holiday parties and NYE so I can go overboard with glitter and fur!  No better time than the holidays to wear them all together!

How do you like my new glitter sandals?  I bought them to pair with my NYE dress but couldn’t wait until then to wear them.  =]

(BB Dakota vest, Madewell shirt, J Brand jeans, Shoemint heels, Jewelmint bracelet, Jaine K. jewelry)


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