Tatcha Blotting Papers

Photo Dec 10, 10 58 34 PM Photo Dec 10, 10 59 20 PMMy most favorite blotting papers ever.  I discovered these gorgeous papers about half a year ago and I cannot go back to using anything else.  They do a really good job of removing oil without lifting my makeup away and I don’t need to exert much pressure to lift the oil off.  Usually with the other blotting papers I end up pressing harder than I should, which leaves me with red blotchy marks on my face that I proceed to cover with powder.  Not the case with these Tatcha papers.

They’re a bit pricey but still totally worth it since you can use both sides of the paper.  The regular Tatcha (brown) is $12 for 30 and the evening Tatcha (more compact size for clutches) is $15 for 40.  However, right now, Sephora is doing a promotion on them so you can get both for $19.00!

Isn’t it lovely how the papers are speckled with gold flakes?

I can’t wait to try out the actual skincare line when I’m able to afford it.  Tatcha says that they uncovered the beauty secrets of Japanese geishas documented on a 200 year old manuscript where it explains their daily regimes and how they maintain their porcelain skins.  This I must try.


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