Almost White Wonderland

Photo Dec 02, 1 55 30 PMPhoto Dec 02, 1 56 09 PMPhoto Dec 02, 1 57 06 PMPhoto Dec 02, 2 01 36 PMWent shopping for a christmas tree and couldn’t decide which one to get.  Plain or snow covered??!!  Feel like the snowy ones would require less decoration and really liking the whiteness of it.

Speaking of whiteness,  I’m so happy that I finally got a chance to wear my fur vest!  I paired it with a white lace dress and cinched the waist with my favorite belt.  I love this red belt!  I have been wearing it with almost all my outfits lately and it somehow works well with everything.

Christmas tree shopping tips:  After a period of rain, do not go there wearing any shoes that you like.  Wear rainboots.  The ground was so muddy and wet.  I had no idea it would be such a catastrophe!  I wish someone would have warned me that it would be a muddy mess but guess I should have known better. 😛  Praying that my suede shoes survive the mud.

(BB Dakota vest, American Gold dress, Kimski hat, Maison Boinet belt, Dolce Vita boots, Chanel bag, Jaine K. jewelry, American Apparel socks)


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