Saturday Inspiration: Factory Girl


Such an amazing fur collared coat.


This has got to be the perfect leopard coat for this winter season. I love how she throws it over everything she wears in the movie. Really proves how versatile it is.


I always admired this no pants look depicted by Sienna Miller and immediately thought of this when I saw the trend going strong for the Spring 2013 runway. This version is more toned down in color and covers a bit more with the stockings.


Did i mention how much I love scarf headbands?? Such a great retro look.


This is everything that seems right for this winter season. Big floppy hat, leopard coat, and great statement necklace.


Another fabulous fur coat. Love the rich whiteness of it. How awesome is that leopard hat with the major over sized earrings?


Fur coat again! Every coat she has on is outstanding!! Isn’t that leather paperboy hat just great?


That gold dress. So perfect for the upcoming holidays. Or vegas. I think I really must try wearing crazy earrings for NYE this year.

I have long been a fan of this movie because of the amazing outfits Sienna Miller portrays.   All the fur coats that she wears, the over sized earrings, the amazing backless dresses, the lovely hats, and the stocking/boots combo that she literally wears with every outfit.  Time and time again I would think back to this movie just to admire her outfits.  However, I feel as if the timing right now is especially perfect to praise the fashion in this movie.  Every piece of item she wears is fitting for this season and the spring season to come.


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