Train Station

I recently had to take the train into the city and it was an exhilarating experience since I have never taken a train on my own before.  My plans were to head into downtown SF for some shopping at the Union Square before meeting a friend for dinner.  Taking the Cal Train to the city was easy.  Just got off at the last stop and that was it.  Getting to downtown?  Now that was tricky.  After asking various people, I walked across the street from the train station to ride the Muni (first time ever!) into downtown.  The bus driver kindly tells me exactly which stop I have to get off at to do some shopping.  And mentions the fare is $2.  Ok, I can deal with that.  I see some people swiping their cards so I go over to swipe my card too….its not a credit card machine!  *gasp*  CASH ONLY??  After standing there dumbfounded and now knowing what to do, I check my purse for some coins.  Only $1.  I stare at all the people in the bus pleading for help with my eyes.  Help me!  I finally ask the whole bus if they have a dollar they can spare.  After what feels like an eternity of people just looking at each other, some kind lady gives me a dollar.  I promise to pay her back when we get off the bus.  Thank you kind lady!  I hand the bus driver my two dollars, he gives me a slip, and off we go.

Did I mention how awesome the Muni is?  When I got off the bus I proceeded to ask people how to get to the mall.  They all point towards a direction and I slowly start walking over to it.  I peer inside and, VOILA, I’m inside the mall!  Too awesome.

(Trench coat from Anthropologie, Wildfox Couture sweater, Gap shirt, Uniqlo leggings, Stuart Weitzman boots, Marc Jacobs bag, Jaine K. Jewelry)


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