Neiman Marcus + Target

The exciting collaboration between Neiman Marcus and Target is almost here!!!  I’ve been eyeing the products and have a few that I desperately want to score.  Cannot wait for Saturday, Dec 1st to run to Target (or Neiman Marucs) and hopefully land my hands on something, anything!

These are the top 8 items that are on my wish list.  What are your favorite ones?

1. Alice and Oliva carry-on suitcase $179.99 – I really need to upgrade my carry-on from a standard black.  Love the yellow detailing!

2.  Diane Von Furstenburg yoga mat $49.99 – This would be an awesome addition to my current yoga mat!  Do yoga in style ^.~

3.   Brian Atwood sunglasses $39.99 – Having a slight obsession with rounded frames.  

4.  Rag & Bone shot glasses $19.99 – Why not, right?  Still haven’t managed to buy shot glasses for my new place and these would be perfect!

5.  Rag & Bone flask $29.99 – Shot glasses wouldn’t be complete without the matching flask.  Also very convenient when I’m feeling cheap at a bar 😀

6.  Altuzarra Double Old Fashioned Glasses & Shaker $49.99 (separately) – Time for a classy drink =]

7.  Band of Outsiders beanies $29.99 (set of two!) – So cute!  I want the orange one…must find a friend who will wear the blue 😀

8.  Oscar de la Renta dog collar and leash $39.99 – How awesome is the lace details??  My Howl will look like a princess with this!

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Good luck to everyone on saturday and good luck to me!  Happy shopping!

Update!  Items are available online too (YAY!) starting 8:00 AM ET!


5 thoughts on “Neiman Marcus + Target

  1. Nice stuff and I really like the sunglasses!

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  2. Great comment first commenter, way to spam your own agenda, I’m embarrassed to share the same name as you.

    Anyhow, getting back to Target+NM, the tumbler glasses are already sold out online…the sales has only been on for two hours! Holy cow!

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