Study Owl in Malibu

One of my favorite places to shop is the Cross Country Mart in Malibu.  Discovered this quaint shopping area a few years ago and I really love how they renovated some parts of it recently.  Such a lovely spot for taking pictures, shopping, and eating.  I just recently came to LA  for a visit and this was high on my to-do list.  I forgot to take pictures of the awesome salmon tacos that I eat every time I go to Malibu because I was so hungry…just gulped them down!

Have you checked out my brown loafers?  These shoes are so comfortable and are the perfect pair to go shopping with!  There is an initial break-in pain but after that, decidedly the best shoe for comfort and low-key style.  I just love the rich  brown color of it and how it pairs so beautifully with my blush tone jeans.

Did I mention how I love to eat eat eat in Malibu?  I might have forgotten to take pictures of the yummy salmon tacos but I did manage to remember to take a shot of the Grom gelato.  My sister insists this is the best gelato ever and very popular in Italy.. she lived in Florence for a few months so I should take her word for it.  I don’t know much about tasty gelatos but it was good! =]


(Forever 21 sweater, JCrew shirt, J Brand jeans, Botkier bag, Jaine K. loafers, Jaine K. jewelry, Maison Boinet belt)


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