Saturday Inspiration~

Loving colored beanies so much lately but I can’t seem to decide which color to buy!  When I see a color I like, I seem to like the next bright beanie I see.  Decisions, Decisions.  That’s why when I saw this video I was blown away by the fact that she just piled on three different colored beanies on top of her head!  No more decisions to make…just put them all on!  Great idea, no?

Simple black beanies are always awesome too.  Super cute how she’s wearing two bright mismatched socks in similar color tones to brighten up her look.  

I know that everyone must have been seeing the pink hair trend since spring/summer.  HyunA takes that trend and does blue-green streaks instead.  Love how it looks on her!


It’s not just beanies that I’m obsessing over tho!  Scarf headbands/wraps are another look I love!  I saw them for the Marc Jacobs spring runway and fell in love with them again (always loved the look but forgot about it since a couple years ago).  I love how she does a modern version of the 90s headscarf look, complete with the half updo and all the denim she wears (remember Saved By The Bell?)!  It’s also awesome how she shows the layered headgear throughout the video.  This time she ties a scarf around her cap. =]  What a cute thug.

I want to do this at Disneyland! ^^


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