Shades of Purple


I was thinking of titling my post 50 shades of purple, but then thought, wait a minute..i only have like three shades of purple on!  =]  These days there are 50 shades of everything out there so couldn’t resist~

Someone very awesome recently got me this purple Botkier bag and I immediately wanted to pair it with my Free People tunic slip.  Purple is my favorite color and I wear black all the time so I tried putting the two colors without making myself look like a giant grape.  I also wanted to add in another color to lighten the color combo and went with this orange-cream scarf.

SF weather is so unpredictable lately!  I wore the leather jacket thinking it will be chilly but the weather was actually very sunny and hot.  It was a great day to take some pictures by the lake.  I wish Howl finished all her vaccinations so she could have played around the lake with me.  Oh wells. Next time!


(American Apparel scarf and socks, Free People slip, Botkier bag, Jeffrey Campbell boots, also in brown, S.W.O.R.D jacket)


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