Saturday Inspiration


These images are from an old music video featuring Kanye West, Jay-Z and Rihanna – Run this town

Totally became OBSESSED with Rihanna’s outfits in the video!  I think I made everyone I was chatting online with watch this video and made my sister watch it for weeks.  I probably watched it like a billion times.

But seriously.  How badass is she?  The hoodie, the scarf or whatever that is covering the lower half of her face, the black lace covering her eyes, and her crazy shades.  Can she even see anything with those sunglasses??

I’ve been obsessed with hoodies for as long as I can remember but now I know exactly what type of hoodies to shop for…grim reaper style!  I need to walk around with a grim reaper hoodie with some awesome over the knee boots and some lace covering my eyes.  Or mouth.

mesh turtleneck anyone? 😀   (Alexander Wang winter 2012 )


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