Jewel Tones

A few shots I took before heading out for my birthday party.  I usually don’t mix too much color but after I got this purple Botkier bag for my birthday, I couldn’t resist pairing it with this green dress.  Love how purple and green can go so well together, especially when the colors are both so rich.  It wasn’t too cold this night but it’s always smart to prepare for the worst when hanging out in San Francisco so I pulled out an old tweed jacket to top off the outfit.  The leather leggings also helped to keep me warm that night…too bad it was hot and humid at the lounge I was at!  I’m thankful that the green dress I wore was flimsy and loose.

Another reason to love this dress – its super versatile!  When its not cinched everywhere it actually looks like a huge sack with arm holes. LOL but so much possibilities!  For this look I cinched it around the waist with a vintage snakeskin belt and used some leather bracelets to gather up the middle back.

happy birthday to me! 😀

Max&Co. tweed jacket

Green dress from some random boutique in Beverly Hills

Archive leather leggings

Zara heels

Botkier bag

Jaine K. jewelry


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