Inspiration: Spring 2013 Fashion Runway

A few of the trends that are inspiring and drool worthy from the Spring 2013 fashion shows!

Leather harness:



I also like the harness look from Jason Wu as well (as shown below)

The combination of leather with silk and chiffon is amazing!!!  It really inserts a touch of edginess to an otherwise very romantic and girly ensemble.  Can’t wait to try on a harness now!  Nastygal came out with one and I’m seriously debating if I should get one or not.

Gladiator boots:


There were many takes on the gladiator boots from a bunch of different designers but the ones from Versace really caught my eye.  The pointy toes and the almost delicate gladiator design gives it a feminine look that matches well the light, floral vibe that is spring.  On a side note, with all the bondage type trends that the spring fashion is adopting, maybe these designers are taking a cue from the ever popular book series 50 Shades of Grey?? =]

Oversized hats: 



Lovely!  I’m not sure if I can pull off so much fabric on the top of my head but these still look fabulous!  It also seems as if the high-low skirt trend isn’t going anywhere.

No Pants:

Marc Jacobs


No more stuffy long pants for spring!  Apparently this spring the ladies are going all the way with baring the legs!  This super short pants look always catches my eyes on runways and magazine editorials but I have yet to see someone actually try it out on the streets.  Maybe this spring? =]  Another reason why I love this trend is because is reminds me of Edie Sedgwick‘s fashion!  Sienna Miller does a pretty job depicting her in the movie Factory Girl.  Such a fashion inspiration for me!

Silk Plaid:

Dries Van Noten


Gorgeous!!  Pastel and silk plaids~ CANNOT wait for spring.  Dries Van Noten… I had no idea this brand existed but now that I know..I HEART YOU!


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